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Monday, 19 September 2005



you mean the holy spirit is not quenched by crying infants or noisy children???? ;)


Sitting waiting for an appointment yesterday the waiting room was filled with young children. One of the older women, keep in mind, I'm pretty much an older woman myself, looked at me, raised her eyebrows & rolled her eyes. I cracked a smile. She didn't. She was probably annoyed at me for playing peek-a-boo with them.

I remember trying to keep our youngest quiet in church. I remember removing her one evening & going to the kitchen to give her a piece of my mind...good grief what was I thinking?

When I look back, I know it was just the beginning of my conditioning & hers towards a performance-based religion. Perform well & you will be rewarded well. *sigh*

l. koons



Thanks for the thoughts. As an elder in our Presbyterian church and the father of two small boys who are often in the church service with us, I needed this reminder!

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