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Friday, 13 January 2006


Peterson Toscano

David, I can understand a blog changing or even losing its focus. When I started mine it changed completely different from what it is now (which is serviceable albeit scattered).

It makes sense, as we change and grow and learn our blogs do too. Looking forward to learning about the dead luminaries you choose to highlight.


I'd hate to have a blog with a narrow (or even single) focus, for the same reason as I was never able to do a PhD: I just can't maintain interest in one thing for long enough. That's why, although it may have themes and go off in a single direction for a few days, my blog is mostly about nothing in particular, or about life the universe and everything - anything that attracts my butterfly mind.

Good luck with the new venture, anyway!

Diane Sola

Cool new topic! I am not as familiar with as many dead stars and artists as you are, but I think it is nice to honor these people with a small ‘thank you’ who we have brought into our homes and let entertain us.

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