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Thursday, 15 September 2005


Dave Walker

Hi David. But don't all churches do this? We all run different services for different tastes, it's just that we don't give them little logos. I've said more at my blog.

Daniel Walters

It's a really interesting point, this. I go to one of these emerging churches (as well as a liberal inner-city Anglo-Catholic church) and sometimes get concerned that we're almost all white, middle-class professionals in our 20s and 30s (and occasionally even 40s!). Then I get concerned that the worrying is just middle-class guilt. Then I get all in a twist and go and watch Hollyoaks or something to clear my mind...


I'd go to the "Overdrive" venue!!


The church we have jsut started to go to has a big age range in the congregation - but it doesnt seem to be very well integrated. It seems to be that 'a church' in itself may be a braod enough idea to initially atrract people of different ages, but what happens inside should bring them together - we forget that people in their 20s and people in their 60s don't normally socialise together so they won't just naturally become great mates and want to hang out after the service.


Ghettoizing the youth?! Ouch!

Many of our churches do the same with the children: "Children's church." But I know that children as young as 4 can indeed sit through one of my sermons (with a little help from a coloring book.) I even had one come up to me after I'd preached on Pharaoh's daughter to ask me more questions about the "princess" who loved God.

The most Spirit-filled moments I've experienced in church where when sharply different people could all gather round the Lord's Table and fellowship together. We may have nothing else in common except our faith in Christ, but Christ is enough.


This church is literally right down the street from me; I've never been, but understand it's quite popular, to the point of having some sort of service at Edison Field (home of the Angels baseball team) a few months ago.


Enjoyed the blog.

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