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Wednesday, 14 September 2005



My pastor,George A Harvey,is also Director of U-Turn Anglia Trust,a UK ex-gay ministry-and i am sure would be happy to give you some more information on his work.Telis (UK) 01473 785042.or see the Trust's website.

Jules Vernon Mayhew

Only TWO Angels are mentioned by NAME in the universally recognized Bible canon-Michael and Gabriel;Raphael is mentioned in the Apocrypha.The Archangel Michael is mentioned in Daniel 10:13,21:where he was the only spirit person strong enough to overthrow the demon prince of Persia ,who was interfering with Daniels’ prayers! Jude 9,and Revelation 12:7.Gabriel is mentioned in Daniel 9:21 and Luke 19:26-38 ;MICHAEL, has been identified as the Glorified Lord Jesus Christ-Daniel 12:1(Prince of the Jews) and Revelation 12:7{also Psalms 2:6-12}-Who since 1914 has been in Kingdom power(Psalms 110,Daniel 2:44).

The transformation of this Messianic Servant is well documented in the book,”Man’s Salvation Out of World Distress at Hand!”{chapters 3,4,5,} published in 1975! by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York.


So what of Michael the archangel? Is it so difficult to believe that he may actually be Jesus Christ? Let's look at each instance he is mentioned in the Bible and see-


1 Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the *archangel*, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: It is the voice of Jesus Christ (the Son of man) that raises the dead. Just as 1 Th 4:16 says, the Lord Jesus shall descend from heaven and shout with the voice of an Archangel, because He is the Archangel. With that shout, the righteous dead will be raised from their graves.

Who raises the dead with His voice? A created archangel.!The shout is given with the voice of the *archangel*, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

John 5:26 For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;
John 5:27 And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.
John 5:28 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,
John 5:29 And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.


Jude 1:9 Yet *Michael the archangel*, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.This verse is a virtual duplicate of another Old Testament event-

Zec 3:1 And he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the *angel of the LORD*, and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.
Zec 3:2 And the LORD said unto Satan, The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; even the LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?

In both Jude 9 and Zech 3:1-2 it is Jesus, the *angel of the LORD* who is also *Michael the archangel*, contending with Satan for both Moses and Joshua.


Dan 10:13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, *Michael*, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

The prince of the kingdom of Persia is a reference to a Demon Prince, and Michael refers again to Jesus. It is the created angel Gabriel[now a prince of the demons] that is speaking with Daniel (See Dan 8:16, 9:21)


Dan 10:21 But I will show thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince-of the Jews.


Dan 12:1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:Michael standing up is a reference to the second presence of Jesus during the Time of the End.


Rev 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, ... Who leads the angelic host of heaven, who is their captain?

Josh 5:13 And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?

Josh 5:14 And he said, Nay; but as *captain of the host* of the LORD am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my lord unto his servant?
Josh 5:15 And the captain of the LORD'S host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so.

Notice that Joshua worshipped the *captain of the Host*? If this were a mere angel, then the angel would have protested Joshua worshipping him, just as the angel protested John the Revelator worshipping him (Rev 22:8-9). So Joshua met with (Jesus Christ-Prince of the Army of Jehovah) the *captain of the Host*. That is why he stood on holy ground and was asked to remove his shoes (just like Moses was asked in Exo 3:5 and Acts 7:33). Therefore, in Rev 12:7 you have Satan and his demons, and Jesus (Michael, the *captain of the Host*) and His angels - this was the war that began in heaven and continues today.

And what does the name Michael mean? It means *who (is) like God?* A very good question indeed - who is like Jesus? As this study shows, according to scripture Jesus is the angel of the LORD, the angel of God, the Archangel Michael (the principle messenger - a created being), who appeared time and again in the Old Testament to speak directly to His people.He even guided them through the Red Sea during Israel’s Exodus from Egypt!

Gabriel's being a formidable enemy of New Jerusalem will be the subject of this discourse.Though admittedly, Gabriel's rebellion was not mentioned in the Bible;it must be noted that his defection occurred 1200 years after completion of the Bible canon!{circa 1300 C.E-the first Holy Year} Cynics will say that Jehovah's Witnesses and similar "religious fanatics" quote scriptures,only to substantiate their views ;well,didn't Christ quote the Hebrew scriptures frequently ?:.."it is written"? As Christ,himself exclaimed:he did not speak of his own originality{John 7:17,18} ;we imitate Christ in that respect {John 14:10} In this respect,let's imitate the Boreans at Acts 17:11! {important interjection}

Only through approach to New Jerusalem can the True Knowledge be confirmed!{Daniel 12:4} During these last days,.."Scrolls are Opened";the 1958 publication :"Your Will Be Done Earth",correctly interprets Daniel's prophecy which has been "unsealed" during this Time of the End! From the Bible at Rev 5:5,we realize that the ..Lamb that was slain ,was the only one worthy to open the sealed scroll…'!

Gabriel's History:

Created a million years ago- Once an angel of high rank that stood near the Sovereign Lord Jehovah's throne issuing messages to God's faithful servants{Luke 1:19} ,Gabriel initiated perhaps the next to the greatest rebellion against Jehovah's universal sovereignty ! Following Satan the Devil, and now uttering misleading inspired expressions -1 Timothy 4:1,3(that look like FROGS-Rev 16:9 );Slanderous messages ,especially in this time period[the LORD's Day ];Gabriel has spearheaded perhaps the greatest falling away from Theocracy since New Jerusalem's inception-Spring 1918. [Isaiah 65:17]&Revelation 21:3,4

Tracing Gabriel's rebellion since the gloomy later Middle Ages,it has been revealed by holy spirit-insight into Divine nature-that Gabriel{prompted by satan} resented that The Almighty,the glorified King Jesus Christ[Michael,the archangel]and the 144,000 under king-priests-were the only ones granted INCORRUPTIBLE IMMORTALITY {1 Corinthians 15:58} Remember ,what constitutes the NEW COVENANT {Luke 22:28}

Regrettably,since it was revealed that the apostle Peter died unfaithfully-{CIRCUMCISION-Gal 2:11-14} -fear of man}-why couldn't Gabriel replace him??

Thus Satan incited Gabriel to jealousy-making him feel that the Sovereign Lord Jehovah God was depriving him of what he 'rightly deserved'.astute Bible Students will recognize this technique of persuasion as the same that satan used in Eden! As Lucifer, who didn't appreciate his position of oversight{Psalms109:8};the `covering cherub's(satan) desiring to be worshipped, was undeserved! (Ezek 28:13-15). After nearly a million years of faithful service, didn't Gabriel deserve to replace Peter and be granted immortality??

Therafter,Gabriel's history was insidious:heinous;butchering,witchcraft burnings,misery beyond comprehension brought about by then- Satan's ally! Gabriel's interference in pregnancy,and sex of child is also devastating.He even causes Breast Cancer!Cleverly disguised,claiming to comfort women during pangs of childbirth,Gabriel is now the principle seed of the serpent-perpetuating Babylon the Great{of which Christendom is the integral part} financially and religious traditions;Mariolatry{ mother worship,which is Idolatry!}and dogma of the Trinity.He even influenced the harnessing of nuclear weapons!

Providing additional background,after a thousand years of Roman Catholic Apostasy {312 c.e. Constantine made "christianity" the state religion of Rome},Christendom was awaiting Doomsday! In ignorance, many felt that the Millenial reign of Christ had ended and that the Final Test was near (Revelation 20:7,8)-.e.g.Brethren of the Free Spirit claimed that the world would end at midnite 1260 a.d. As Satan often appears as an Angel of light{2 Corinth11:7},Gabriel now appears as a deceitful enlightner!

The Bubonic Plague was sweeping over Europe and nobody knew from whence it came.Clothes contributed to the spread,because the populace wore used;indications were that Europe was overpopulated by the mid 13th century.A cycle of cold weather began at the end of the century.Between 1315 and 1319 almost every European country lost their whole harvest!(sometimes 2 or 3).Some Senegalese nobility migrated from Africa to Hibernia{present-day Ireland}and intermarried with populace;from them sprang the Black Irish!.

Something happened between 1345-1348-almost a generation of famine! Ships from the Mideast docked at Marseille with infected Rats(also flea bitten).the Plague hadn't been in Europe since the 9th century.A renouned religious sect of the time- "Brotherhood of the Cross"-arose in Hungary;they explained the Plague to be Divine punishment for Sins! The Hundred Years War-1338 to 1453- was in progress. In 1328 ,the French king died without a male heir(then the law forbade a female sovereign).Edward 111 of England was a descendant of the French royal family on his mother's side.The English were considered savages by French standards.Then, Gabriel inaugurated a disgusting and misleading practice- Unnatural Sex Relations-to corrupt and contaminate the `Called’-1 Thessalonians 4:7-8 and their Sheeplike companions!(John 10:16);controlled by a Witches Coven!

Along this vein,for centuries the Demons and the civilizations that they controlled,practiced sex perversion of one sort or another.Though sodomy was, of course, a detestation by most cultures -except the ancient Greeks, who glorified it [Romans 1:26,27 }.The practice is also condemned by Jehovah God at Genesis 19th chapter and Judges 19th. Now Oral Copulation involving the actually Eating of semen was viewed as a pastime or aphrodysiac,or a "youth serum":particularly where older men would ingest younger men ,or boys SEMEN.The practice was as well for Witchcraft purposes as this treatise examines:-{well documented in Malleus Maleficarum}basically to "hoodoo" the one EATEN to do their bidding.These practices predominate,of course, in Homosexuals of both sexes.

confounding variables in this stage of Armageddon:Refuting Gabriel's Rebellion:

Now to qualify as compassionate judges, the ‘Called’had to know what it was like to live and suffer for integrity as imperfect humans ,faithful until death {1 Corinth 1:26-31}.This subject of worthiness to reign as kings underpriests{1 Peter 2:9] is well covered in .."God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years has Approached " book{1973}-{published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society}

An aside:The rendering of Revelation 14:7 is not to be taken literally,as the best interpretation in modern English is possibly The Living Bible!] : Women,as well as married persons{and with children } can qualify-are included as follows:

Some of the "Body of Christ":

Appropriately,here are some shining examples of the Elect:to preface,at 1 Corinthians1:26-29-we realize that few of these come from the "rich and famous" -they're not selected for their physical attributes either; Indeed the heart condition is the prime criterion for choice{1 Samuel 16:7 & Isaiah 11:1}


Also known as the “the Poor Men of Lyon “,the Waldenses make a distinction between the officially recognized Bible canon and the Apocrypha;they only adhere to Baptisms and Eucharist.In 1173 C.E. their founder,Peter Vaudois,` corrected' the claim that Apostles defended infant baptism.As Roman Catholic church still held to absolute virginity of Mary- they defended public preaching.They denied the existence of Purgatory-concept invented in 6th century.RCC cited 2 Maccabees:12 in defense.Waldenses condemned indulgences.Of interest, they acknowledged ..`princes in the Earth'.Author claims that Wyclif and Huss followed most of Waldenses' beliefs.Also don't need to confess sins to preach,but to each other only!


His major philosophical work-Summa de Ente-(1365-1372);he was a nominalist rather than a realist!.John Wyclif was accompanied by his friend,John of Gaunt,tally Lord Percy, Marshall of England, in 1377,to face an ecclesiastical tribunal at St,.Pauls' ,in London-refer to his treatise `On Civil Dominion'-this work is anti-clerical! Noteworthy was JW's "On the Truth of Sacred Scripture".In this he strongly vindicates God's Word,the Bible! Wyclif lists 5 degrees of sacred scripture..e.g..the Book of Life in Revelation.He disputes claims that the Bible is contradictory{defends authenticity of canon};he refutes infallibility of clergy interpretation.He defends the `common folk 's becoming astute Bible scholars;John Wyclif identifies clergy as .."Synagogue of Satan!"and repudiates sales of indulgences.Though villified for his views on the Eucharist-denouncing transsubstantiation,he died of a stroke.He was exonerated for his views on simony,blasphemy,and abuses of hierarchy.He's `credited' as founder of the Lollard Movement,indirectly,yet deemed precursor of the Reformation.Poverty is "heretically" rejected;hierarchical and priestly sacraments are not necessary for Salvation!

Wyclifs'Lollards and the Poor Men of Lyon hold strikingly similar views.Plenitudo potetatis{papal power}was attacked. William of Ockham defended the Apostle Paul's views on Christian freedom from hierarchy;he defended the secular authority to "correct" the Papacy.John Wyclif vehemently opposed the concept of clergy infallibility;yet he advocated 'apostlic poverty'.Also anyone could preach!.He rejected "thomism";sent Lollards-"Poor Preachers"- armed with the Bible-disputing contemporary theology.

In 1401, Parliament passed De Haeretica Comburendo to make heresy punishable by royal courts.The English deemed Urban VI-the True Pope after the Schism began.Adam Easton was known as the Cardinal of England-1379 'way of action ' span.Cardinal Peter DeLuna was against restoration of peace to the church-pro Avignon papacy-Benedict XIII. In 1390, the Statute of Praemunire reiterated the 1351..of Provisors:forbade any appeals from England in the court of Rome.."way of cession vs. way of discussion".During the early 1400's there was a duel between popes Gregory, Benedict and JohnXXIII-one of 3 popes at the Council of Pisa.

In compliance,John Huss followed Wyclif in condemning the doctrine of transsubstantiation, sacrifices of the Mass and affluent Clergy.The Lollard Conclusions of 1394 claimed that the Roman Catholic priesthood was counterfeit-citing forbidding to marry as mark of apostasy! Huss attacked simony and clerical luxury.It's surmised that Wyclif's teachings were probably assimilated by Czechs thru Richard II's wife,Anne of Bohemia;Lollards contend that no-one needs a license to preach.John Huss was considered a dangerous threat to the unification of the church.Ironically, the Schism ended 2 years after his burning.Summation of John Huss's beliefs:the church was built on Jesus Christ and not `St.'Peter;papacy was invented by Constantine;the church was older and could exist without Vatican;the "showdown" was at the Council of Constance in 1413."pope JohnXXIII " was `defrocked' for various and incendiary crimes;he was imprisoned with John Huss.A tenet of the Lollard and Hussite docrine was Domination by Grace..was condemned as heretical;Wyclif's remains were exhumed and burnt in 1428.

Emporer Sigismund,once his ally,later vehemently deposed Huss;his censure was much stronger than JohnXXIIIs;thence JH was condemned as an.."obstinate,incorrigible,heretic! Subsequent to Constance Council in February 1417,Adhaudam created the Electoral college.The popes' Council agreed unanimously that the Hussites were heretic, and the Bull ,Inter Cunctos, established rules for heresy.Though the Schism of 1378 was officially over in 1417,the Synod at Tortosa in 1430 reunited the Western Church after 52 years separation.Rebuilding the `City of God'{by St.Augustine} theory:government in western Europe-political states were deemed merely as secular aspects of Christendom.Subsequent revolt initiated Renaissance humanism.By the Spring of 1439, the bull,Laetentur coeli was issued to formally end Great Schism!!!

In addition, Queen Elizabeth 1 of England;who, knowing that her mother,Anne Boleyn, was innocent of adultery,remained forever virgin! But of major importance, leading to her begettal, was her great faith in God:beseeching Him to spare England from invasion by the Roman Catholic Spanish Armada in 1588.The strange storm that demolished the ships was surely of divine origin.Thereafter, Great Britain became foremost in the world for promoting religious freedom! Queen Bess even prophesied that her cousin's son would unite England,Scotland,Wales and parts of Erie and would authorize translation of the Bible into English(1611)

A theocracy of sorts also existed during the reign of George 11(1727-1759) when G.F Handel composed Messiah -a divinely inspired oratorio.He also financed the Foundling Hospital,for the indigent. Incidentally,introducing the custom of men wearing wigs from about 1650-1750 was diametrically influenced by Gabriel.Thus effiminacy and previously,unheardof decadence resulted! With emphasis:…it's a dishonor for a man to wear his hair long {1 Corinth 11:14}

By far a shining paragon of integrity,Thomas Jefferson-3rd president of the US(and a Joint Heir)produced a highly comprehensive Bible-specifically designating Christ's spoken words,in Red print-an efficient sewage disposal system,and contributed to miscegenation!

Further,Queen Victoria's wearing a "witches cowl" serves as an excellent example of her humble deference to HEADSHIP [1 Corinth 11:3-10]which was for(as apostle Paul stated)...because of the ANGELS!.This show of respect for divine authority protected Victoria from witchcraft! and from bodily harm. She demonstrated such sound judgement in her policies{wisely seeking the advice of adroit ministers}that.."the Sun never set on the British empire"!

Abraham Lincoln certainly showed great humility and divine wisdom as he attempted to preserve a then God-fearing nation ,after abolishing slavery.

Florence Nightengale-founder of modern Nursing,certainly contributed greatly to relieve human suffering with this profession! Clara Barton ,founder of the Red Cross ,was similarly a great humanitarian!

Louis Pastuer introduced purification and sanitation techniques that greatly reduced morbidity and mortality!

Philippe Pinel's humane treatment of the mentally ill established a precedent for future intervention.As Christ ,himself expelled demons-often the very cause of mental disorders.{Mark 1:24-26 & Luke 8:26-39}.Additionally,many diagnosed schizophrenics ;whose main symptom is auditory hallucinations-are really under demon attack!

An excellent parody concerning the folly of ..”paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons”[1 Timothy 4:1] ,was depicted in the 1955 film Ulysseus ,starring Kirk Douglas. Having been warned that listening to the alluring,seductive Song of Sirens ,would result in fatal shipwreck;Ulysseus “wisely” requested to be bound to the mast so he wouldn’t become victim to the Siren’s deception-while listening!

After listening to the song,the star rightly concluded that the “gods”(demons) were merciless and without pity!...So to protect ourselves from experiencing shipwreck regarding our faith,let’s resist and ignore demon propoganda {I Timothy 1:19}

Finally,unlike the Rich Young Ruler in Luke18:18-30,Charles Taze Russell{a millionaire clothier at age 27(in 1879 dollars}; devoted the bulk of his wealth to dispensing the vital,timely spiritual food.As founder of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society{also Elect},he heralded Christ's Second Presence,the Time of the End-Armageddon's fast approach! Ironically,Russell lived at the old Beecher Stowe House! A stark characteristic of the Gilded Age in which he lived,was many wealthy,Christian,philanthropic industrialists.(.e.g.Carnegie,Ford,Astor etc.)they promoted altruism during that time(some profiled Joseph of Arimethea)

Fallacy of Gabriel's Premise:

So in contrast , the angels were created perfect and did not have to suffer for inherent sin!As it was the Lord Jehovah God's will that Jesus should provide the propitiatory sacrifice to ransom back sheeplike humans from eternal destruction,as the last Adam, Christ suffered death at Satan's hands,only Once-for all times!!! .Likewise,we as Christ’s followers must suffer for integrity,but not to excess{John 13:16 ;15:20; 1 Peter 5:16,17;Colossians 2:23}.Thus in fulfillment of the first prophecy-Genesis 3:15-the victorious mighty MICHAEL the archangel [glorified Lord Jesus] summarily crushes the Dragon in the Head at

Armageddon!{Rev. 20:10} Incidentally,the glorified Christ inspired the heroic epic ..e.g.Robin Hood!

Consequently,his usurpation effort thwarted,Gabriel proceeded to blaspheme God's name and residence,even claiming that Christ did not have SEX normally! GOD has not changed-Malachi 3:6. If Christ had sex it would be normal ONLY!Think of the women who knew and loved him and likewise..e.g.Mary Magdalene,Martha, Woman at the Well. Not only would the Scribes and Pharisees have valid grounds before the law for impaling Christ,but unnatural sex relations would have completely invalidated the Ransom sacrifice-the spiritual and moral purity of the Christ has already been substantiated!!!


If not adding insult to injury,the wicked Seraphs obscure Gabriel's true nature at this most critical time. Through our studies,we know that Demons can take the shape of deceased people..e.g..appartion of Samuel that appeared to Saul at Endor.

In contrast,True Christians are protected from spiritistic practices;for as Proverbs 18:10 asserts..the name Jehovah is a strong fortress! And at Numbers 23:23.."no Unlucky spell or divination against Jacob"...will succeed.Of vital interest,the Bible is the only religious book that condemns witchcraft!There are even many modern documented experience of miraculous deliverance from the machinations of satan & demons through calling on God's name in full faith!;and putting on the complete suit of armour from God to resist in this- the wicked day! Ephesians 6:11-13.Through the Bible we're counseled against dabbling in spiritistic practices{Deut 18:10-14 ;Lev 19:31 &20:6}Gal 5:22,23 and in Rev 21, it cites that ..."anyone practicing such things..their portion will be in the Lake that burns with Fire and Sulphur,this means the 2nd Death! Let’s emulate the zeal of the Christians at Ephesus in getting rid of the occult –Acts 19:18,19

Additionally,the Seraphim that rebelled in this time period[1958 onward,can appear as yet living people in obscene positions and lewd poses-incubi and sucubi and can torment their victims by profanity and vulgar name calling!.Instead of `BURNING UP' the figurative Nadab and Abihu class,the wicked seraphs actually assisted the Adversary and its seed in DEFILING the SANCTUARY;showing diametric opposition to the necessity for moral and spiritual cleanliness: basic requirements for our approved service to God{1 Thess 4:3-8} .Contrary to the opinion that living clean moral lives is being self-righteous and proud,true humility is displayed by being cautious as serpents ,yet innocent-we’re protected from contracting S.T.D’s {not naïve, but guiltless}-Revelation 16:15

Thus Jehovah God's `acceptable year'(Isaiah 61:19)had to be extended to complete the number -144,000:so many replacements were needed(Romans 11:17-28)even at this late date! This necessary adjustment was foreseen as in Matthew 24:48 .."that Evil Slave will say in his heart that his MASTER is delaying and will beat his fellow slaves"...;this situation arises from Evil Slave’s failure to keep watch! As Ezekiel 33:7 points out :the faithful and discreet slave is the Watchman class to keep the sheep alert and awake and prepared for the Masters appearance for inspection,which the scriptures cite that it would be an unlikely time! At Matthew 13:25-30,37-42;1 Peter 2:12 we can see that the 2 classes, wheat and weeds, are to "grow" to mature identification so each can be dealt with correctly during the harvest!

Contrary to popular opinion,ignomy until the…..3rd and 4th generation does’nt apply for present judgement .The Almighty’s righteous policy for judgement is well delineated at Ezekiel 18:14-30!


The present day corrupt banking system has it's origins in the 14th century.;when Gugliemo de Medici established the Italian system-a `motherhood 'identity was introduced;her maiden name was to verify to the account.Imitating the Madonna and Child {Oedipal}, this financial arrangement is Not Theocratic;it's really satanic! Gabriel advocates overwhelmingly-introducing powerful witchcraft against NORMAL banking.Of interest,the House of Rothschild{a Jewish banking family},controlled most of Northern Europe financially from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

By contrast,banking in the Western world during the 19th century was essentially legitimate! In this respect, Gabriel's underworld-the `society'-has since WW11 -dictated that only women and `sissies'{fags} do bookwork(to promulgate a corrupt underworld system).Even earlier-just after WW1{about 1924 onward}-Blacks,especially, had to f... their own mothers up to establiblish 'manhood'{this is where the obscene term MF comes from!.This oedipal arrangement is justifiably condemned at 1 Corinthians 5:1!…{“adding incest to injury”} Historically,the U.S North preferred legitimate banking,by contrast, the South preferred corrupt banking{the latter’s attitude has also infected the West!

Though considered naive, a straight economy is desired by 'sheeplike' Christians-obviously, to maintain divine approval!{2 Corinth 13:5}.To establish a Biblical reference affirming honest bookwork-Ezra was a scribe! In this respect,the late Grant Suter{Secretary-Treasurer o/t Watchtower Bible & Tract Society}set a fine example of financial integrity;he finished his earthly course faithfully. What a stark contrast he was to Judas Iscariot, who ,for quite sometime before he betrayed Christ ,was secretly stealing from the apostles fund [John 12:4-6]

To promote American dream, the C.I.A has introduced demon inspired PROGRAMMING against New Jerusalem of the worst kind;weakening and corrupting manhood.Our activities for daily living{ADLs}..e.g.. Using the Telephone,doing the Laundry, housecleaning,and also Television watching!; Who's doing the Cooking? What are we Eating?-cleaning the Bathroom has great significance spiritually-WITCHCRAFT in the Household!{The downstairs toilet of a two-story house was kept unclean to cast spells!}

Ironically,nowadays with the UNISEX{women’s Lib} movement, traditional roles have changed.Not really an oversimplification,precedents were established even in antiquity:the `lye of the laundryman'{Malachi 3:2 } and Jacob cooked his father Isaac some stew Gen 27:4.

Make indirect ,if not subtle ,changes in you daily routine to resist demon programming{ dire machinations of Satan and the Demons}.(Jeremiah 10:23-17:9 and Psalms 146:3-6). The underworld perverts the wholesome Christian family by advocating the”society”,a euphomism,and mockery of the Lord Jehovah God’s arrangement,which is, in fact, a witches coven against New Jerusalem's direction;this counterfeit of the New Covenant has mislead perhaps even some of the Chosen Ones.This monumental apostasy was predicted for our time period{2Thessalonians 2:3-12}..an operation of Satan indeed! "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne,"Rosemary’s Baby" and the 1971 TV movie-Black Noon- certainly present an excellent depiction of the "spirit " behind organized religion!!!Witches brews and confusion in housekeeping are employed to interfere with the operation of holy spirit- Not angels corrected ,demons expelled!!!

We must pray incessantly for strength to come off successfully against Gabriel’s machinations!{1 Peter 4:7 and Ephesians 6:10-18}.As a pseudochristian organization-the society-was established by Satan, Gabriel,prince of Greece and Egypt,respectively,to perpetuate the American economy-be a SPEND THRIFT-{inflation!} which is diametrically opposed to Jehovah's Messianic Economy that was restored in 1982.Though, admittedly fascinating,computers used in excess can be spiritually detrimental! Keep in Focus! By devoting time to prayer ,meditation ,and personal study'

Need to Correct Chronology?

Many religious sects(Adventists,Mormons,Pentacostals,etc.) aknowledged that our period is the "Time of the End";Jehovah's witnesses,in general, were looking with great anticipation to the year 1975 as `apocalyptic'.Since the END didn't come then,so many fell away through disillusionment.This was with great remiss; for in Matthew 24:36,37 the scripture admonishes that nobody knows the day or the hour ,not even the Son, but the Father.Thus a great error in Chronology had to be corrected! Afterall,with candid introspection..How many of us would be qualified to enter the Millineum then? Where really are we now in the Stream of Time? and does it matter?.Christ said that his invisible return would be in a..."time that we would not think likely.{1 Thessalonians 5:}..".So its imperative for those who wish to survive Armageddon.. to KEEP AWAKE!!! Remember Matthew 24:16 states.."let the reader use discernment"{the encamped Roman armies-the Mob}

Along this vein ,at 2 Corinthians 13:5- we're admonished to keep testing whether we're approved! The mountains that we flee to for safety {spiritually} are the heavenly organization{Micah 4:1-4}

Belatedly? the rebels are soon to be executed{Ecclesiastes 8:11}Through approach to New Jerusalem,heavenly Zion,we’ll find that the War of the Great Day of God the Almighty,called in Hebrew, Armageddon ,has actually been in progress since 1952!!!…that’s when Jehovah God split the spiritual paradise away form the UNDERWORLD :WHEN FELLATIO{also cunningulus ,and even sodomy} WAS ESTABLISHED TO CONTROL THE ECONOMY OF THE WESTERN WORLD!

And how have relationships fared since this inauguration?{Rev.11:18}True ,due to human frailty, a merciful Creator allowed sometime until the Full Number of Joint Heirs was completed! But after the incidence of AIDS{research confirmed that the HIV virus could only be transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids-COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE!} Certainly the now –out of control, HIV-AIDS-should have been contained!

The fact that the war has been occurring in diverse spirit realms is cause for much scrutiny! God is NOT a SADIST!{2 Peter 3:9}He doesn’t enjoy having to prolong this wicked system of things{1 Peter 2:9b}!

The Great Tribulation actually ended just after WWII{1949-’52 judgement period).By 1955 Gabriel introduced eating semen on the toilet as a means of financial management!-inaugurating the Voodoo economy! Those who advocate such a practice claim that it facilitates our HI TECH civilization ! What a HOAX! Some of the greatest achievements in scientific progress and technology have been made without such a detestable practice…e.g..television ,radio,light bulb,refrigeration,automobile,airplane ,etc.In this respect,a joint heir,Benjamin Franklin,who was a forerunner of Edison , harnessed electricity[the lightening rod],invented a practical stove, and Bifocals-Besides being a prominent statesman,

By the 1958-’63 time period,men were being forced into restrooms!{Laud Humphreys(Phd.Sociology)1970 Study} Not knowing the dangers of using power equipment,so many naïve men were maimed,disfigured ,and even decapitated.The incidence and prevalence of heart disease and cancer increased dramatically during this period and has ever since! Contributing factors include sedantary lifestyles,consumption of overly processed food,"gas wars and "runaway’inflation "-a dire consequence of the demon economy! Those who were awake then spiritually, knew to scrupulously avoid this detestable operation of Satan-2 Thessalonians 2:9-12-They accepted Theocracy-not democracy(prologue to TV courtroom soap-"Slattery's People) supervision![Organization 1938].

To correct this SEX Perversion,Jehovah God established New Jerusalem's economy in 1958.Indeed .."judgement was rendered in favor of the Holy Ones of the Most High...[had proved worthy to rule the earth with the Christ (Daniel 7:27).Michael the Archangel was to control the BANKING system,not Gabriel,the demon{Psalms 2:6}.After 40 years of wandering in a spiritual wilderness-{1918-1958}{figuratively }the foundation of the New Order was to be inaugurated.

Instead,there was a general rebellion to heavenly supervision ;antitypical Dathan and Korah instituted an unprecedented rebellion against Theocracy{Revelation 11:18}.Endorsing the majority rule concept,it was generally accepted that the Roman Catholic Church should dictate financial policy;afterall,it's the largest sect of Christendom? So in the guise of protecting America{& UK comprise the 7th world power of Bible history} from Communism,the Mafia{backed by the C.I.A.} was invited to enforce the democratic economy{Psalms 2:2,3} The dramatic shortage of men [and manhood]was initiated: in the late 1950's,boys were being turned into petunias;girls into dykes-spirit medium against divine arrangement of things;ironically a similar course was taken in the later middle ages!{when alto shawns and counter tenors abounded }-

This bitter rejection of divine direction resulted in a cataclysmic moral decline consequent to the AIDS pandemic.Such tunes as "cast your faith to the wind" and the "god is dead" movement reflect the mood of disillusionment with tradtional morality! The Adversary promulgated a well calculated effort to erode ,to completely destroy faith in God and His purposes!

To restore confidence in God and his geniune concern for suffering humanity , let's Heed Gamaliel's Admonition-Acts 5:38,39;we have to reinstill respect for a grandiose scheme of God!-From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained!- IN THIS TIME PERIOD!

In this respect,citing Amos 3:7 in reference to the Faithful and Discreet Slave class(Matthew 24:45,46) ;Who are the the genuine confiding Prophets of the True God today?[the Watchmen as Ezekiel 30:15 predicted for our time]. A clue in identifying who to follow for spiritual guidance is found at Zechariah 8:23 .What people have God present with them?-Where is genuine spiritual security located?{ Joel 2:28-32,Obadiah 17}. Should calamity or adversity strike, can we call on Jehovah God through Jesus Christ in complete confidence?{Isaiah 10:20,21}. Are we cleverly duped victims of self deception?{Psalms 85:8b} Are we serving God only to a certain date? From here to Eternity,isn't it? Let us never forget the cleansing of sins of long ago(1 Peter 2:12)."

So No returning to vomit or rolling in mire"(2 Peter 2:22).{success in RELAPSE PREVENTION!-Hebrews 6:10-12}We're not ignorant of the Adversary and it's Seed's designs,are we?.After all, what makes this old wicked world go around? SEX and MONEY!!! For our protection,let's deal with both scripturely and in moderation as we sense the Millineums' nearness:Acts 15:22-29.

As Proverb 30:8 says.."give me neither poverty nor riches.."Indeed,by being content with sustenance and covering {1 Timothy 6:8} ,we're protected from satan's snare!

As our spiritual light is getting brighter with corrections in prophetic Chronology being necessary, intermittently;the New Jerusalem's creation was foregleamed at Isaiah 65:17 and Revelation 21:3,4.Indeed,these are days for meting out justice{Luke 21:22}.This is the year of retributions for the settling of the LEGAL CASE OVER ZION!!!{Isaiah 34:8}. Satan has proven himself ,unfit to rule! As a manslayer,he's humankinds worst enemy! In contrast let us gratefully welcome the rulership of the victorious Son of God-the Glorified Jesus Christ-who the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has installed as King on Zion,his holy mountain!(Psalms 2:6) Let us join that group of loyal supporters of Christ's rulership earthwide as prophesied at Psalms 110:3

Also at 1 Corinthians 10:1-13,we're warned from atypical example about avoiding certain things that would jeopardize our standing with the Almighty at this time.Further at 1 Peter 4,we're strongly admonished..."the end of all things has drawn close..be sound in mind[guard thinking ability-as we'er under fierce demon attack],vigilant with a view to prayers!"

Along this vein,"saint"Augustine,influenced by the prince of Greece,inaugurated tha Madonna and Child concept {of pagan origin].Gabriel added “incest to injury” and suggested that a Boy's mother or some domineering woman should turn him into a petunia`or pansy -a slave to a Witches Coven's dictates.She,a spirit medium financially. Since the concept of democracy derived from ancient Greece,during the "Golden age of Pericles",`Greek love'produced such perversions as the Oedipus complex,Lesbianism and worship and glorification of the human body and intellect-condemned in Romans 1:24,25;but I doubt that the founding fathers knew about the licentious practices surrounding our cherished heritage-or did they?

Four earthshaking things occurred in 1917:the United States entered WWI;the Bolshevik revolution{advent of Communism;the rise of the Underworld;and the release of the monumental publication-The Finished Mystery-which correctly identifies Britain and America as the dual 7th world power of Bible history!

A recent-and more comprehensive 1969 edition called Then is Finished the Mystery of God verifies the first, and laid the foundation for the 1988 book REVELATION- its Grand Climax at Hand!(These books were published by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society}

For indeed ,the true God ,JEHOVAH is a God of order and not confusion{1 Corinth:14:33} .We're going through a period of adjustment...divine patience is waiting-as in Noah’s Day! Though briefly interrupted,the separating work{Matthew 25:31-33} is now going unabated.Battle lines are drawn even among spirit creatures as well! Remember the angels that sinned becoming demons just prior to the Noachian Flood!{Gen 6th chapter} Indeed,the angels are reapers!

Thus in spiritual analysis,the demon prince of Greece controls the False Prophet's philosophy.The demon princes of Persia and Egypt control the mechanics of western civilization economically! The prince of Babylon keeps the masses in a state of confusion,religiously. the Archangel Michael defeated the 7th world power in 1979 [Numbers 14:34],opening the way for our release from oppression by this system of things spiritually and economically.By 1982,Jehovah God himself,stepped in to rescue the Remnant and Great crowd from oppression to the "wicked and evil slave"-in essence,to restore New Jerusalem's economy!.

To maintain Christian Theocratic arrangement-headship(1 Corinth 11:3}only QUALIFIED males are to control finances;because soon after WWII,traditional sex roles in employment have changed dramatically .For our edification,a movie-`King Crab'-depicts a woman bookkeeper who was enticed to `juggle 'the books-as Satan seduced Eve,a woman's mind is easy prey for the Mob's influence.For this reason also,the telephone should be used circumspectly;Gabriel interferes with COMMUNICATION!

By the way, Gabriel was instrumental in the canonization of Jeanne 'd Arc in 1920.To interject,a correction:The Maid of Orleans was not following Michael the Archangel(as the 1947 movie "Miracle of the Bells" claimed )she was strongly influenced by the Prince of Greece(Helen of Troy's demon) and Gabriel(pious familiars?),both!!

Doctrinal Correction; A Brief Analysis And History Of The Doctrine of the Trinity


Since the early 4th century, the one issue that has caused the greatest amount of contention, confusion, and controversy within the body of believers is the doctrine of the Trinity. This doctrine is an attempt to reconcile two seemingly contradictory doctrines: There is only one God; and the existence of three divine beings: The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. For those who are not familiar with the doctrine or the term, this doctrine states that, "Within the nature of the One True God, there simultaneously exist three eternal Persons, namely, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All three Persons are co‑equal in all the attributes of the Divine Nature." This quote, which comes from a pamphlet entitled, "Why Christians Believe In The Trinity", seems to define God not as a loving Father, but as a committee. The scriptures used in the pamphlet to support this doctrine will all be addressed later on in this writing. Both the proponents as well as the opponents claim that their own teachings were the original teachings of both Christ and the apostles and have their roots in scripture. For now, however, let's just look at the history of the controversy and what lead to its adoption by the Church.

Arius, who was the leader of one of the congregations in Alexandria and who was a disciple of the martyr Lucian who had been the head of the theological school in Antioch, is credited as being the founder of the doctrine of Arianism, also known as the "Arian Heresy". Basically, Arianism teaches that Christ was created by the Father and not co‑eternal with Him. This means that Christ is not God and therefore is inferior to and subject to the Father. These teachings were opposed by a deacon in the main church of Alexandria named Athanasius, who became the chief opponent of Arius. Their disputes were a major topic of discussion not only amongst the believers but the non‑believers as well. Bishop Alexander of Alexandria heard the arguments of both men and ordered Arius to quit teaching his doctrines. He refused and was forced to give up the church which he headed. He left for Palestine where he befriended the historian Eusebius of Cμsaria and Eusebius of Nicomedia, who was very influential in both the Church and with Emperor Licinius. Eusebius of Nicomedia wrote to the bishops in the eastern portion of the empire asking them to accept Arius and his teachings. A council was called and the request was granted despite a letter from the Alexandrian bishop. Note that no appeal was made by either to the head of the Church to resolve the issue but rather to the individual bishops. This was due to the fact that there was no central authority in the Church since the death of the apostles[ 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12] With the support of the Oriental bishops, Arius returned to Egypt.With his military victory over Licinius, Emperor Constantine was desirous of uniting the whole of his empire. He saw the split between East and West over the teachings of Arius to be his main obstacle and ordered Arius and Alexander to reconcile their differences. This failed and Constantine decided to call a general council of the Church. Note that the council was called by a non‑believing political authority and not the head of the Church. There was none. Sylvester, the bishop of Rome, did not even attend but sent two priests in his place to meet with the other 300 bishops in attendance. To insure a prompt gathering, Constantine provided for all expenses. The council was slated for Nicea and was to start in mid June in 325 A.D. The bishops were forced to wait about three weeks for the arrival of Constantine before beginning their work. Constantine presided over the conference.

Both sides were invited to present their arguments before the council. They each quoted scriptures which they felt substantiated their own positions. I will address these scriptures later on in this writing. Arius was at a marked disadvantage since he was not given a seat on the council. This prohibited him from lobbying those in attendance and answering their questions and concerns. Even though he had supporters on the council, those supporting him were left without their leader. Along with the two opposing camps was a third camp whose desire was to form a compromise between the other two. When Constantine ruled in favor of Athanasius, it was this group who called for moderation and reconciliation. This group was opposed by Athanasius and he attempted to force them to take a stand either for or against Arius.

All of the subsequent proposals were scrutinized to insure that there was no room for compromise. The main example is the term "homoousios" used in describing the relationship between the Father and the Son. This word, meaning "consubstantial", implies that the Father and the Son share in the same nature while remaining two separate Persons. This word was chosen since it gave no room for compromise and the head of the moderate party, Eusebius of Nicomedia, had already denounced it as being incompatible with moderate Arianism. This word, however, caused a problem for the Athanasians. The word implies a numerical distinction between the Father and the Son which contradicts the notion that the essence or nature can be divided. This contradiction was swept under the rug and labeled an "incomprehensible mystery". The mystery continues on today with even its staunchest defenders not able to understand it or explain it.

With Arius not able to attend all the sessions of the conference to defend himself and having the Western Emperor being judge and jury over this Eastern supported teaching, Athanasius was assured of victory. His proposals were all accepted and those in attendance were forced to sign a statement in support of "homoousios" or be exiled with Arius. All books written by Arius were burned and those who hid them were killed. To avoid banishment and still remain somewhat true to his beliefs, bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia allegedly added the letter "i" to "homoousios" making it read "homoiousios" meaning similar or like substance. He, however, was banished for allowing Arians in his church. It should be kept in mind that this decision was not based on religious principles but rather out of political necessity. The debate in the council was probably very similar to a modern debate in the House between Democrats and Republicans. Who knows what kind of lobbying and deal making went on to switch people's votes. One Catholic historian states, "At the beginning of the council, the party of moderate Arian views of which Eusebius of Nicomedia was the most influential member, was in the majority, and 'homoousios' had some difficulty in securing acceptance; it was imposed rather than accepted. Hosius supported it energetically; the same was true of the bishops of Alexandria and Antioch. The Emperor made it known that he desired the use of the word. This was, for many, a capital argument". Another historian said that the "...Council was, for Constantine, much more an affair of the state than an affair of the Church. Desirous of putting an end to the disputes which troubled his provinces, he worried little that they approve Arius or Alexander, but he worried a great deal that the majority should arrive at a conclusion of which they could make use to impose silence on the opponents, no matter who they were". The above mentioned quotes come from James L. Barker's Apostacy from the Divine Church. Please refer to it, as well as Talmage's The Great Apostacy , for more information on the Trinity as well as the Athanasian and Nicene Creeds.

The modern day supporters of the Trinity do so with a passion. The irony of it is that even the most ardent supporters of the Trinity will admit that they don't understand it fully and often claim that only those who accept this doctrine and "homoousios" are Christians. They will often respond by saying that you don't have to understand how an engine runs to drive a car. This line of reasoning is faulty since I can learn auto mechanics and fully understand my engine. No one, by their own admission, can understand the Trinity, the most important doctrine of traditional Christianity. I find their doctrine quite arrogant, especially since on other occasions, these same individuals state that all that is needed to be saved is to pray the "Sinners Prayer" and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If belief in the Trinity is necessary, why isn't it incorporated into the "Sinners Prayer" or immediately taught to an individual upon praying so that his faith isn't in vain!

In conclusion, I would like to quote one of Evangelical Protestantism's most respected Bible scholars, Bruce Metzger. In his book, The Oxford Companion to the Bible, he states, "Because the Trinity is such an important part of later Christian doctrine, it is striking that the term does not appear in the New Testament.! Likewise, the developed concept of three coequal partners in the Godhead found in later creedal formulations cannot be clearly detected within the confines of the canon. Later believers systemized the diverse references to God, Jesus and the Spirit..." Ibid. p.782. I hope that this discussion of the Trinity has helped you in understanding it and in rejecting it. I find it quite troubling that the major doctrine of traditional Christianity is the result of one heathen emperor having a better army than another.

If Constantine was defeated instead, Arius would have enjoyed the "home court advantage" instead of Athanasius, and Arianism may have become the orthodox teaching instead of being dismissed as a heresy.

For our worship to be accepted:To know how to approach God in prayer as well as what to pray {for emphasis},professed Christians must realize that the Dogma of the Trinity has long been disproven by the Elect,[e.g..Sir Isaac Newton] specifically since the later Middle Ages - this "mystery " was revealed to be of pagan origin.From a a publication titled:The Religion of Sir Isaac Newton...e.g."letters exposing as false, the Trinitarian 'proof texts'in John and Timothy,had been transmitted through John Locke..."He submitted a candid commentary on the "vows" of monasticity(folly) to avoid temptation???. Newton asserts..."to resist lust-must resist idleness"; one must be preoccupied in earnest search and doing of God's will(tactics). Prayer and Meditation are top priority! More than once,Newton used Jeova sanctus unus as an anagram for Isaacus Neuutonus .Albert Einstein studied Newton's theology;Newton evidenced that fossil records confirmed the authenticity of the Noachian Flood!{refuting Darwin's theory of Evolution};He proceeds to show how the scientific method was employed(embodied) in his principles interpreting Bible prophecy-villifying Darwin's theory of Evolution! Aren't Unitarians against the Dogma of the Trinity? Agreeing with Newton,Thomas Emyn,especially villified Athanasius for introducing metaphysics{opposing Arius' sincerity}:.."And though Christ was the Lamb of God,prayers were to be directed to God in the name of the Lamb,not addressed to the Lamb in the name of God...".He identified the source of the pagan Trinity doctrine from emanation ! Newton supported the calculation ..day for a year..in interpreting prophecy. He referred to Sleidan's.."Four Monarchies"- a world history based on Nebuchadnezzar's dream in the book of Daniel.He revealed the .."whore of Babylon"..as the Papacy.

In his posthumous works-"Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John",Newton adroitly avoided fixing exact dates!...e.g. for the start of the Millenium,the Resurrection, and the Descension of the New Jerusalem.He mused concerning the season;He attested to rewards at the Resurrection{Daniel 12:3}.He confirmed that understanding of prophecy was a gift from God..."He is the God of Order and not of confusion .Newton understood the "mystery" of God to be the KINGDOM!;he knew that the cleansed Earth would be inhabited by humans into perpetuity".Indeed breaking up the works of the devil,the original mandate for the human creation will be realized. The author quotes Revelation 11:22; Daniel 2:44,,7:13,14 and Isaiah 65th chapter.Establishment of the New Jerusalem {excellent foregleams of the Millenium-Judgement-Resurrection{Remnant and the Great Crowd};Isaiah 54-Michael,Prince of the Jews. Methinks that Sir Isaac recognized the Archangel Michael as the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.(Appendix B- pg 131)..cites 'palm bearing multitude'


A contemporary of John Wyclif(deemed author of the Lollard movement),and uncle of Richard 11,exposed witchcraft against normal sexual development. His name is John of Gaunt,duke of Lancaster,also a pillar in the Temple of the Holy City; he even legitimized his own out–of-wedlock children.John of Gaunt's correction reverses witchcraft against developing normal manhood,protection from cancer, and corruption by the demons. He strongly condemned forced celibacy ,showing it to be an identifying mark of apostasy:1 Timothy 4:3 ;he also noted that it often led to sodomy and habitual masturbation .{Coincidentally,Gabriel's perversion was commensurate at this time!} .Because of Gabriel's detestable sex perversion-for those under New Jerusalem’s authority-;at puberty it was necessary for the father of a theocratic youth[or a surragate]to "circumcise' him orally to correct him both mentally and physically to grow to manhood-mob rule impeded this correction: if a Christian youth is garnering unnatural physical attraction,and has lusty legs;he must get his LEGS corrected{slim down} thence penis length stretched!{to assure vaginal preference} ; under this divinely ordained practice. Failure to correct a boy sexually often lead to cancer[brain tumor],mental illness[gross sexual dysfunction] or even homosexuality-a sad consequence as the dramatic increase in this time period{not to mention the accompanying STDs}. Nowadays,with the frequency of single parent[usually the MOTHER]families;in imitation of Zipporah’s obedience{Exodus 4:24-26} to circumcision,but NOT herself;the Mother must seek a qualified SURRUGATE Father(a heterosexual} to orally correct the youth toward normal maturation! ! If necessary,after the youth is corrected,he may have to "pull up "his mother's dress in the kitchen,ONLY! to prevent oedipal witchcraft –castrating manhood!
This may seem contradictory ;but because of the “society”,(a Witches Coven”)’s influence , women are even encouraged to eat semen for independence from, and “power” over men! –to prefer oral, anal connection rather than vaginal.”Hookers” claim that it’s “cleaner” , for Who?
Since the unclean practice could be viewed disgusting at best, Her oral correction{a perversion} would produce a PETUNIA!,{loss of desire for normal vaginal penetration will result} an undesirable perversion: Which is a Major Factor in the incidence and prevelance of Male Homosexuality ;
Through Divine inspiration{under New Jerusalem},this “oral circumcision” will soon become unnecessary,so will be phased out as Spirit Realms are adjusted!{Galations 6:15,16}. This introduces a volatile subject:Nowadays,even a lot of “heterosexual”married couples prefer to have UNNATURAL relations,especially,mouth to sex organ copulation.Though married ,they still incur adverse judgement!{Hebrews 13:4,Galations 6:7,8}
In this respect,I think the American Psychological Association should be strongly villified for discouraging CONVERSION THERAPY-since evidence of successful conversion has been DOCUMENTED!
"Healing" Homosexuality
Most gay and lesbian groups and professional mental health organizations believe that the only healing required is to help some homosexuals restore the damage that homophobia has done to their self esteem.However, there are a number of groups in North America which believe that homosexuality is an unnatural disorder that needs healing.They are often called "ex-gay" ministries. Some are: Exodus International was founded by Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper in 1976. It includes many ministries, churches, agencies and individuals as members. Exodus currently has about 75 ministries in the US, and has a presence in Asia and Europe. Courage a Roman Catholic group with about 15 centers inNorth America.Evergreen International Inc. is a Mormon treatment center,founded in 1989, which has 13 branches in the US, Australia andCanada. They claim a 30% success rate.HA Homosexuals Anonymous has chapters throughout North America. They have a 14 step program that is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 step recovery program.

L.I.F.E. is a New York City based group.
NARTH (The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) is an association of about 500-member therapists and social workers who hold these beliefs.

PFOX On 1996-OCT-9, the Family Research Council announced the creation of their new organization Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays. It is a national organization of parents and friends of people who once were gay or lesbian and now regard themselves as either heterosexual or celibate homosexuals. Their beliefs are that "No one has to be gay. No one should reject a family member because that family member is `gay.' But love does not require accepting behavior that is harmful. In fact,real love in action is a conscious effort to steer someone away from behavior that can hurt or even kill. It isn't always easy,but it can be done, as evidenced by the many who have."(4)

Transforming Congregations is a ministry within the United Methodist Church. The long-term successes of these groups appear to be in two areas: convincing bisexuals to restrict their sexual activities to members of the opposite sex,convincing homosexuals to become celibate. We suspect that none or essentially none of their clients have ever had their sexual orientation (i.e. their feelings of sexual attraction) changed through prayer, contact with a ministry or therapy.

Most of the groups are from the conservative wing of Protestant Christianity (i.e. Fundamentalists and other Evangelicals). The exceptions are:a United Methodist Church ministry which we believe is composed of UMC members with very conservative theological views.a Roman Catholic group which mirrors Protestant Evangelical views on homosexuality;a professional organization whose members are essentially all Evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics .Generally speaking, their theology is quite conservative. They believe that the Bible is inerrent (without error).The apparently anti-Homosexual verses in the Bible should be interpreted at face value; i.e. read literally God is omnipotent (all powerful)God will always answer prayer From these fundamentals, the following beliefs are logically derived:

God hates Homosexuality……..Homosexuality is unnatural and sinful

God will help a repentant homosexual convert to a heterosexual orientation;to believe otherwise would put limits on God's abilities and on the power of prayer; these are unthinkable thoughts to an Evangelical Christian.

Many conservative Christians and Christian groups believe that homosexuality is a matter of choice, and use the term "sexual preference" rather than "sexual orientation". Many agree with the beliefs of the authors of the Bible that every one is basically heterosexual, but that some people engage in homosexual acts and perhaps become addicted to them{due to the FAG economy}. Many view sexual orientation in simplistic terms and ignore the phenomenon of bisexuality;they believe that a person is either totally gay or straight.Their views are essentially unchangeable because they are rooted in fundamental religious beliefs. To change their mind would first require them to believe that the Bible is in error, or that it contains information about homosexuality which was true in Biblical times, but are no longer valid today.

Exodus International's statement of belief describes heterosexuality:

"as God's creative intent for humanity, and subsequently views homosexual expression as outside God's will.....Exodus upholds redemption for the homosexual person as the process whereby sin's power is broken, and the individual is freed to know and experience true identity as discovered in Christ and His Church. That process entails the freedom to grow into heterosexuality".

Early psychoanalytic theories held that male homosexuality was"caused" by an emotionally distant father and an aggressive mother. These theories have long been discredited and abandoned by the mental health community and by human sexuality researchers.However, Dr. Elizabeth Moberly revisited this concept in the early1980's. It is her belief that homosexuality is caused by a defective bonding between a child and their same-sex parent. This "defensive detachment" in turn causes the child (and later the adult)to seek reattachment to a member of the same sex. The "cure"to homosexuality is for the adult to enter into a close, intimate,but non-sexual relationship with a same-sex adult, perhaps a therapist or counselor. The client can then go on to overcome the deficiencies in their childhood. Becoming attracted to members of the opposite sex naturally follows. Similar views have been promoted by Dr.Joseph Nicolosi more recently.

Most of the specialists in human sexuality who are not Evangelical Christians believe that sexual orientation is determined before kindergarten age by a complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors that are only vaguely known at this time. And they have reached a consensus that sexual orientation in an adult cannot be changed:

The American Psychiatric Association has stated "There is no evidence that any treatment can change a homosexual person's deep-seated sexual feelings for others of the same sex".A pamphlet by the American Psychological Association states" Scientific evidence does not show that conversion therapy works....It can do more harm than good."

An UPDATE: This year,2006 ,the A.P.A. has rescinded it’s de-pathologizing homosexuality in 1973! We overwhelmingly applaud their now defending CONVERSION!

Conversion Therapy "Success" Rates
Many ex-gay ministries do not claim specific success rates. A few estimate that 30 to 50% of their clients make a transition from homosexual to heterosexual orientation. But data on conversion rates should be considered suspect, because: many of the groups do not perform actual studies many of studies that are conducted are short term.many of their clients continue to have exclusively homosexual feelings but, for religious reasons, choose to remain celibate. many of their clients are bisexuals who make a decision to restrict their sexual partner(s) to members of the opposite sex

Some studies shed light on the meanings of conversion rates:

Two outside psychiatrists, were allowed to interview members of Exodus International in 1978. Of the ministry's 800 members at the time, 30 were picked by the ministry staff as having changed from exclusively homosexual to exclusively heterosexual in orientation.The researchers interviewed the 30 and determined that only 11 had really been largely "cured" of their homosexual orientation. Eight of the 11 still reported homosexual dreams,fantasies and/or impulses.

Masters and Johnson claimed an impressive conversion rate of 50 to 60% which was maintained for 5 years after treatment.But there were a number of unusual factors in this study:

the conversion rate refers to behavior, not orientation or feelings
the 67 clients were not randomly selected; they had to be highly motivated to change their behavior. all subjects had to have a partner of the opposite gender with whom to attempt heterosexual sex during the program

40 of the clients were already married to persons of the opposite sex
all clients were given a test to determine their sexual orientation,ranging from 0 (purely heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual).Only five of the subjects (7%) were given the latter classification.Presumably there were no "0's" in the study. This means that 93% of the subjects were bisexual. 55 (82%) were rated 2,3 or 4 and were more or less equally attracted to men and women.the client's own definition of success was used to determine how many subjects changed behavior. Some of the clients had very limited objectives .

This study basically concluded that many bisexuals are capable of confining their sexual activity to members of the opposite sex..A person is NOT born gay:this is LEARNED behavior,thus it can be Unlearned!


Exodus International of San Rafael, CA, has a "Christian Resources about Homosexuality and AIDS" page with articles on homosexuality from a conservative Christian perspective, abook list, lists of organizations, list of local chapters of Exodus International and Homosexuals Anonymous. See: http://www.messiah.edu/hpages/facstaff/chase/h/index.htm
Elizabeth Gilbert, "Queer and Loathing",Spin Magazine, 1996-JUN (a profoundly sad article describing an Exodus International convention)
Masters and Johnson, "Homosexuality in Perspective",1979
Lecture given by Bob Knight, Director of Cultural Studies for the Family Research Council, before the National Press Club, 1996-OCT-9

Supporting the Archangel Michael's Manhood-{the glorified Jesus Christ},the greatest pressure,of course,is put on the Replacements to complete the number of the Joint Heirs at this very late date-Romans 11:17-36.Of course ,out of bitter resentment for being rejected as Peter's replacement,the DEMON GABRIEL is waging a viscious attack on the Remnant,by `hitting below the belt'-PUN intended! {Of interest also,because of the excess of women,theocratic concubinage may be institued to increase the shortage of males!}

Our "Wake Up Call" -Final Judgement of this System of Things: Divine judgement is presently upon Christendom;{Daniel 5:25-28} we're now `being weighed in the balance '.{We're in the Low Plain of Jehoshaphat-Joel:3}...Christ's judgement at the Temple is well nearing fruition-1 Peter 4:17,18 Gabriel's being a Demon prince circa 1325 C.E.is yet being revealed by the Faithful and Discreet Slave.{Hab.2:3}.As Revelation says that during this time of the end..the Dragon gives the wild Beast its throne and great authority. Though its now "hip" to be 'street wise',let's avoid worldly wisdom{1 Corinth 3:18-20}.For all we need to survive into the millenium is revealed from New Jerusalem!{Matthew 11:27,28 and Luke :21}We must be..WISE for SALVATION!

Update leading to the FINAL CONFLICT:

Soon after J. F.{"judge"-also on of the Elect} Rutherford's death in 1942,the underworld seeped in to corrupt and contaminate theocracy;Through a Mob controlled banking system.The faithful and discreet slave should have exposed Gabriel's witchcraft,financially, by the late 1950's{ironically, this was a time of great religious revivalism}.In this respect,there are several books and made into movies whose themes reveal Gabriel's insidious machinations...e.g."One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest"{specifically the inmate Billy}, the Manchurian Candidate{the !pathetically programmed Raymond Shaw,and treating a severe aberration-Norman Bates-in Psycho!!-these aforementioned films expose and analyze the devastating effects of mother FIXATION and PROGRAMMING into a pitiful,predictable,`petunia'.The 1948 movie "Angel on My Shoulder"(there's also a recent remake),is an excellent parody on divine protection and satan's efforts to thwart God's plan by forcing integration.Also the play "Angels in America" is certainly a commentary on the supernatural. Finally, the TV drama-"Touched by an Angel"-is a good reminder of the unseen superhuman forces that intervene to our benefit or detriment.{An asides:perhaps if Gabriel had been exposed during the Reformation;Babylon the Great may have been destroyed}.Of course, the Sovereign Lord Jehovah’s timetable dictated that we had to wait until the Gentile Times had ended and the First Resurrection(Spring 1918);the Grand Theocracy!.

In conjunction,the origins of the South's traditions and spirit-the demon prince of Egypt- came from medieval sorcery and witchcraft-which Gabriel has exerted much influence over.As the magic practicing priests of Egypt{during the 10 Plagues}-Jannes and Jambres(2 Timothy 3:8)exclaimed..."It is the finger of God".. Exodus:8:19.Divine intervention should have been acknowledged during these final stages of Armageddon! Especially at this late date as counselled at Jude 3,4;.."we must put up a hard fight for the faith"... to maintain an approved relationship to Jehovah.Imitation of Enoch,just prior to the Noachian Flood{Jude 15},we must guard our clean moral standing -as Jehovah God is Cleansing the Sanctuary and Bringing it into the RIGHT condition ,restoring and rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem with holy spirit and in company with the faithful angels- withstanding Gog of Magog's{satan} attack Ezekiel 38:18-23.We must keep our senses and be watchful-Ephesians5:15-17,guarding our thinking ability-make sure of the more important things -Phil 1:10-keeping our priorities straight,as we behold the restoring and rebuilding the `walls of Jerusalem'.In this respect,the Lord Jehovah has erected…a wall of fire all around us"..Spiritual Israel {Zech 2:5}.This barrier of protection is in harmony with God’s spiritual lightning and arrows that he employs to protect his INHERITANCE{2 Sam 22:15}.This retributive response commensurates God’s impatiallity{2 Thess 1:6-10}.The Lord Jehovah remembers that us mortals are frail..{Psalms 103:14}.Unlike spirit creatures,we cannot live without food, water,or oxygen!

As Matt 5:10-12 and 1 Peter 4:9 convey,we endure the suffering of the present season-soon to be at the 1335 days-Happiness at the Santuary-Daniel 12:8; as compared to the 'glory that's to be revealed in us',the wicked Seraphim make things extremely difficult for the Remnant,especially, and Great Crowd,morally.

As the Sanctuary is cleansed and put into the right condition-restoring and rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem (Isaiah 45:13);we're enduring intense spiritual warfare-Ephesians 6:12,13;at final inspection we will indeed know who really then are the faithful endurers{Malachi 3:18 }.We await with heightened anticipation the final part of Armageddon-the visible destruction of this wicked system of things,then the binding and abyssing of satan.Let's heed the warning at 1 Corinthians 10:6-13!- Reject self reliance(Psalms85:8)

So, "last first,first last".Yes some of the original chosen ones who had fallen away may be restored due to undeserved kindness-grafted back in{Romans 11:23}.Us replacements must `live in fear'-avoiding overconfidence! Nevertheless,Jehovah God will give us the victory as we "safeguard our hearts",remaining faithful,obedient,and loyal Romans 8:37-39.As Rev 12:12 mentions,furious for having a "short time " to mislead,the Devil smears the Remnant-invents provocation..."accuses Christs' brothers night and day before God".We're looking forward to final vindication ,then exoneration!

The Apostle Paul ended his earthly course faithfully.He defended divinely sanctioned CELEBACY [strictly abstinence]-1 Corinth 7:29-38,though he loved many women before and after his conversion {.e.g.Dorcas,Priscilla,Lois and Eunice}-he was not a misogynist-as some claim.Since he labored in EXCESS of them all(the other apostles};Paul’s authority is beyond question:he wrote 15 of the 27 NT Epistles Also Christ himself defended celibacy at Matthew 19:12;and so did the Lord God Jehovah,himself at Isaiah 56:4,5.In opposition,Gabriel infers,if not accuses APPROVED single servants of God of being homosexual,and of the worst kind.With unsubstantiated evidence,{and assistance from the wicked seraphs} the demon plants suspicion and mistrust through slights nuances, and inuendo-even suggesting that Christ was gay! His love was AGAPE ,not EROS.That is why there is no forced celibacy in the True Christian arrangement[forced is a mark of apostasy 1 Timothy 4:3.So if one does not have the gift,or is without self-control,one should marry{1 Corinth 7:9}

By the same token, there’s to be NO FORCED MARRIAGES!-can lead to infidelity of the worst kind! ..e.g high divorce rate!

Very soon now we won’t have to ..”watch our head and backside”.Satan’s underworld will be forever gone!

The last demon prince is just about defeated,cleverly disguised-the DEMON GABRIEL is shortly to be overthrown by Jesus Christ-releasing us from bondage to the `society’; the Chief Agent of Life will achieve an overwhelming victory over Babylon the Great.-Oedipus complexes in our time period.

Through New Jerusalem,the Begotten Remnant are to be tested to the limit and fully `whitened and refined'-for their citizenship exists in the heavens-Phil 3:20.Avoid the politics of this world; for Christ counselled us at Matt 22:21:we’er obligated to pay our taxes and obey the laws that don’t conflict with God’s law{Acts 5:29}-our allegiance and worship is to God ,alone!

The unnumbered `Great Crowd'-Revelation 7:9,10- are to witness the visible destruction of this wicked old system of things and `sense' the binding and abyssing of satan and demons too.We must exert ourselves vigorously to get through the narrow door(Matthew 7:13)-ushered into a spiritual OASIS,remaining awake and fully conscious of our spiritual needs.As the `devouring lion 'is still stalking us {1 Peter 5:8-11},we must remain forever vigilant until their abyssing! Achieving an maintaining divine approval is imperative![2 Corinthians 13:5].In this respect,we must constantly prioritize: Phillipians 1:10

No more "fence straddling"-1 Kings 18:21-or incitng Jehovah God to jealousy-1 Corinth10:21-;ignorance of God's law is NO excuse! For the Good News has been thoroughly preached `for a witness,worldwide'!!Divine retribution awaits the indifferent,incorrigible and recalcitrant-2 Thessalonians 2:8-10-`for these are days for meting out justice'..Luke 21:22.In this respect,living to a "ripe old age " is not necessarily indicative of righteousness{Isaiah 65:20}nor do all the good die young! For the 2 groups have existed for some time:2 Peter 2:9,10! We must be firmly on the Sovereign Lord Jehovah's side,not LUKEWARM(Rev 3:16).Since we'er going through a period of adjustment now ,in appreciation of divine mercy ;let's not try God's His patience!{2 Peter 3:9} Don’t Look Back {Luke 17:32}

Of course ,all of us have done things for which to be ashamed-1 Corinthians 6:9,10- "Let he that is without sin cast the first stone!-1 Kings 8:46,Mal3:4. Proverbs 28:15 states.."He that is covering over his transgressions will not succeed,but he that is confessiong and leaving [them] will be shown mercy".. ;this rule is reiterated at Acts 3:21. Also at John 15th chapter,Christ states that all of the caught "fish",he cleans after he catches them!We all have "Achilles Heels"! Even the Apostle Paul admitted having flaws(Romans 7:13-24)..Later beseeching God to remove these flaws,Paul is edified by the Lord..…"My undeserved kindness is sufficient for you ;for (my)power is being made perfect in weakness{2 Corinth 12:9}-a lesson in humilty! Heed the lesson given to Peter-[Acts 11:9] So let's be cautious in our appraisal of others ;for as we judge ,we are judged ourselves! {Romans 2:1} We can be asurred of successful CONVERSION under New Jerusalem.{no .."returning to mire or rollng in vomit.."}{2 Peter 2:22} .Romans 12:12 tells us to ..rejoice in the HOPE -the Millenial reign of Christ- to avoid relapse! Keep our eyes on the prize of life in the New Order! Through the power of the holy spirit[prayer and study]those of spirit begotten can finish our earthly course faithfully.The other sheep ,of course ,will entertain living throughout eternity in perfect health and happiness in an earthwide PARADISE{Micah 4:1-7}.With so much to learn and accomplish -upbuilding association -hardly a boring existence for lovers of righteousness! …"Eye has not seen and ear has not heard ,neither have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love him."{1 Corinth 2:9}!!!

After the great falling away since 1958 ,we're making it back to HAPPY DAYS ,which was a partial foregleam of Christ's millenial reign; Jehovah God has re-established NEW JERUSALEM'S economy in 1982.An antitypical golden age of Israel(spiritually) is flourishing under the greater Solomon(Jesus Christ)...who has conquered!!! (Rev.17:8,9) We pray for the veil to be lifted from the spiritually blinded,so that the glorious eternal purpose will be realized by appreciative ones.Defend Michael's motherhood and manhood ,not Gabriel's.Galations 4:6..the true Holy mother church is the NEW Jerusalem above … and she is FREE!!!

Allan Svensson

I found your Web Site by Google
And I wish you the best you can get,
the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to visit my Site.
Allan Svensson, Sweden

The great falling away

People think any revival is not coming. They refer to
2 Thess. 2:3 and tell about that a great falling away shall
come. But this falling away has taken place a very long time
ago. The entire Christendom was lead astray by false
shepherds and preachers, which preached false doctrines.
Since then, God's people have been slaves under many
churches and denominations. And the great falling away is
still today continuing. The great falling away is NOW!

Waiting for the great falling away is not needed. It began a
very long time ago. The topical are now the restoration of the
Assembly of God from the great falling away. Acts 3:21.
Revival is just this, all God's people must be released from
the great Babylon.

In the time of the apostles any church did not exist, and therefore
the word "church" occurs not at all in the Bible. Everywhere in
your English Bible where you see the word "church", it is a
translation error, it ought to be "assembly". Jesus did not build
any church.

I have five Bible translations in Swedish, (the oldest from 1703,
translated from the same original bible text as KJV). Nowhere in
these Bibles we can find the word "church" (kyrka). Nowhere in
the Bible we can find any hint of that the Assembly of God is
constituted of church systems and many religious organizations.

It is at least two Bible translations in English without the word
'church', (WEB) and (KJ3). Perhaps there are more such
translations, I do not know.

The Assembly of God is no Pentecostal church. Please, consider
what this expression "the Assembly of God" in the reality implies.
The Assembly of God must be the same as the Greek word
"ekklesia", and the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12:12-31.

Then it is easy to understand that this has nothing to do with the
Pentecostal Movement. Pentecostal churches have existed about
100 years, but the Assembly of God has existed ever since Jesus
baptized his first disciples by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit
gave them the new life in Christ so that they became born anew.
Then the Assembly of God was born. Since then, the Assembly
of God has lived here on the earth generation after generation.

The establishment of the first church took place in connection with
the great falling away. 2 Thess. 2:3. Since then, God's people have
lived in slavery under Satan's false doctrine about the Assembly of
God. We cannot use the word 'church' when we mean the Assembly
of God. Still to day, most Christians cannot see the difference between
the Assembly of God and the Church of Satan.

All churches have come into existence through religious fornication.
People have mixed God's word with false doctrines of evil spirits,
and so new churches appear.

In the free churches the world around
there are thousands of preachers
and bible teachers, but none can explain
what the Assembly of God is

The condition of the Assembly of God
is now much worse than in the assemblies
in Ephesus, Sardis and Laodicea

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