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Tuesday, 14 March 2006




Forgiveness certainly doesn't mean giving permission to be mistreated and not being allowed to feel your feelings given the situation. Anything else, would ultimately make forgiveness something that is trite and superficial, and worst of all, codependent.

Dave Rattigan

Hey, Hal, good to see you. :)

I agree with what you said!


Dave, I'm sorry to hear this.

It's difficult to pluck the knives out of one's own back, which is probably why God gives us true friends to help us along the way.:)

Too often, I think, forgiveness is preached legalistically rather than redemptively. Forgiveness is presented as an action WE have to "do" rather than as a process God does within us. We've all been trained by religion to start trying to forgive an offense within 5 minutes after it occurs, and I think that's just plain wrong. And impossible to do.

In practical terms right now, forgiveness may mean nothing more than "I choose NOT to beat the crap out of you for what you've done to me."

Don't put yourself under the pressure of wondering HOW to forgive them......God knows how to lead you and how to accomplish forgiveness in your heart......give Him, and yourself, time......OK?

Hugs and love to you, Dave!

Dave Rattigan

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you - The Mouse. Wise words, Mickey. :)

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