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Wednesday, 19 April 2006


Peterson Toscano

So I wonder, if you would be any smarter if your IQ was above that of a carrot or a head of lettuce. I mean are some vegetables smarter than others. And what about fruits?

Looking forward to reading your piece on the ex-gay movement.

I just confirmed plans to return to the UK in September for gigs in England and Wales (with a cool trip to Sweden thrown in to perform in Malmö for their pride event).

Hope I get to see you in September!


Congratulations. As soon as you start getting hate mail you know your beginning to something right! I agree I can't see too much that is legalistic in the article.

It does seem to me that there is a fine line between manipulation and effective communication. I am thinking for example of Jesus' message to the Rich Young Ruler; a case could be made that this was also a manipulation However, lest I be misinterpreted I cosider this production as belonging to the pit of hell itself.

Take heart that for every idiot insulting you there are manyu more who appreciate your ministry through the LF website.


Um, after reading your article, I think that the writer of your love letter is confused about the definition of legalism.

Legalism is strict unwavering adherance to a line of thinking and applying that line of thinking to every scenario regardless of how ill-fitting it is.

You reviewed a fundie stage production you were once involved in. Nothing really legalistic about it. Just a commentary.

Cucumber boy has his wires crossed.


Maybe he means a Veggie Tale-like cucumber -- clever and witty. If so, it is quite a compliment!


i agree with Jeff that the person seemed to be confused. He might have only read the first chapter and thought your article supported the production

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